Maria Altuna Lizarraga

1988, Zizurkil (Euskal Herria)

Maria is a person of action. The person with 1000 questions, for whom he always has at least as many answers. It is critical of itself, sometimes too much; But she is not afraid to make mistakes. On the contrary, it is one that asks for forgiveness before permission. He is one of those he learns by doing.


Her dream is to tell stories that help make the world a more just and sustainable place, based on memory and forgetfulness in the interpersonal relationships that make us grow. And she strives to find the best way to transmit them, debating between the image and the word; but swarming comfortably between the two universes. Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a master's degree in research and another in teacher training. It is the perfect link between the technical and creative team given the experience in the artistic and educational area, in local and international fields.


Currently working on the doctoral thesis, reviewing these parameters that attract and entangle in their different identities: artist / researcher / educator. In this sense, she has developed specialized knowledge in different artistic areas that oriented to social inclusion and education can be used for mediation. She sees the need to work as a team as an opportunity, fostering creativity for the sustainable development of learning processes.


She currently works and lives in Bilbao, but without losing contact with the roots of the town where she was born and raised: Zizurkil. Thus she has been able to illustrate the “Gu ta gutarrak” project published by Hernandorena Kultur Elkartea, which has been distributed in all the homes of the municipality.

  • PhD student. PhD program in Contemporary Art. UPV-EHU. 2015 / ...

  • Master in teachers training for secondary school. Specializing in Arts education. UPV-EHU. 2012-2013

  • Master in Art creation and research. Increarte. UPV-EHU. 2010-2011

  • Degree in Fine Arts. UPV-EHU. 2010


  • Selected artist. SagarArte . Astigarraga (Gipuzkoa) 2019


  • Colaboration in the art project Baraja Miradas. Fournier & International Conference Art, Illustration and Visual Culture in Preschool and Primary Education. 4th edition: Critical mediation inside and outside school. Donostia (Gipuzkoa).2017.

  • Participation in BALA (Bilboko Arte Liburu Azoka) Bilbao (Bizkaia). 2016.

  • Participation in the artists book: "Flamantes II". Ed. Hago Cosas. 2016.

  • Pictures participation. “Egunsentia” book of poetry. Amaiur B. Blasco. Ed. Maiatz. 2016.

  • Logo design for BUKALAI Dantza taldea. Zizurkil (Gipuzkoa). 2015.


  • Individual exhibition. Plazida Otaño Liburutegia. Zizurkil. (Gipuzkoa). 2016.

  • Individual exhibition. Abendua. PICTODAMA. Gau Irekia-ren baitan. Urquiola Taberna. Bilbao. (Bizkaia). 2015.


  • Group exhibition.“Maguma y 40 Miradas”. Centro Cultural Aiete. Donostia/ San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa). 2017

  • Group exhibition.“World Wide Art Show - New York 2017”. Caelum Gallery. Chelse (New York). 2017.

  • Group exhibition. "XIX Muestra Internacional y Multidisciplinar de Arte Contemporáneo" Circuit Artístic / Diputación de Barcelona. Castillo de Montesquiu (Barcelona). 2017.

  • Group exhibition. "Jovenes emergentes". Alemi Galery. León. (León). 2017.

  • Group exhibition. "XIX Muestra Internacional y Multidisciplinar de Arte Contemporáneo" Abartium Galery. Fundación Claret. Barcelona (Barcelona). 2016.

  • Group exhibition. Abartium Galery. Folgueroles. (Barcelona). 2016.

  • Group exhibition. International Culture Moussem 38 Art Festival. Centre Culturel Hassan II. Assilah (Morocco). 2016.

  • Group exhibition. GGG. Villamonte Aretoa. Algorta (Bizkaia). 2015.

  • Group exhibition. Artist books exhibition. Espacio REFLEX Espazioa. Donostia. (Gipuzkoa). 2015.